According to the most recently available census, Jimma Zone’s rural population represents 88 % of all its inhabitants. This represents a logistical challenges to reach remote areas for medical emergencies, education outreach and more.

Jifar Association’s assistance program includes an effective outreach program consisting of the use of multipurpose mobile medical units, operated by certified technicians and medical practitioners. The services will include emergency medical for pregnant women and children, delivering food and essential equipment to those discplaced by external factors and routine medical check-ups and ambulatory transportation services.

We aim to assist Jimma Zone's rural population continue to live in their beautiful, agriculturally abundant area by improving their access to effective emergency services

Mobile Medical Units

Mobile Medical Units are fully-equiped vehicles that provide the technical and technological needs primarily for medical and dental purposes. Medical services are prioritized for pregnant women and sick children. These mobile units provide many other potential uses that may be utilized as the need arises. See the main features below.

  • A fully-equiped mobile clinic for medical and dental services
  • Ambulatory services for hard-to-reach areas
  • Employment opportunity for local women and men
  • Tech including satellite broadcasting and internet