Our Causes

We've identified 5 key areas we strongly believe are key to helping address major issues of accessibility that press Jimma and the surrounding region. There is a shortage in the availability and accessibility to knowledge, education, employment, healthcare, safety, and more. Learn more about Jimma and about our causes below.

Helping elementary and secondary provide education by working with them to fulfill their material needs.

Providing free of charge professional skills training for free for young women and men (ages 15-21) to give them a better opportunity at economic independence.

Our water and cleanliness initiative is to increase access to clean water and instruct rural communities on improved hygiene practices and on their importance to reduce the spreading of disease and improve overall health.

Connecting international research institutes with local affiliates to promote the documentation and propagation of local culture and history.

Providing emergency assistance to remote areas thanks to Mobile Medical Units, prioritizing infants, pregnant women and the elderly.

Our Projects