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We are focused on helping the rural population surrounding the city of Jimma, Ethiopia through five key causes. Explore below.

Helping elementary and secondary provide education by working with them to fulfill their material needs.

Providing free of charge professional skills training for free for young women and men (ages 15-21) to give them a better opportunity at economic independence.

Our water and cleanliness initiative is to increase access to clean water and instruct rural communities on improved hygiene practices and on their importance to reduce the spreading of disease and improve overall health.

Providing emergency assistance to remote areas thanks to Mobile Medical Units, prioritizing infants, pregnant women and the elderly.

Connecting international research institutes with local affiliates to promote the documentation and propagation of local culture and history.

some facts about ETHIOPIA

Now Africa's 2nd most populated country, with a mostly young and rural demographic.

Ethiopia has experienced an incredible boom in its population, increasing from 22 million in 1960 to over 100 million today.


million total population


Under 30y (40% under 15y)


Rural Inhabitants

Our Projects

Executing our vision! See our current campaigns below.


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Your donation, however large or small, will help Jifar Association create a positive impact in the lives of countless infants, children, and adolescents. Every dollar you donate to JA is used to help improve lives. Jifar Association receives no government funding – we rely on the generosity of people like you to help us lend a hand.